в инете набери в поисковике)))
ну например сказка про спящую красавицу
once upon a time there lived...

Ответы и объяснения

‘Thou traitress!’

   said he, ‘thy deliverer indeed came, and now is near thee:
   has he deserved this of thee?’

   And he went out and dismissed the company, and said the wedding was at an end, for that he was returned to his kingdom:
   but the princes and nobles and counsellors mocked at him.

   However, he would enter into no parley with them, but only demanded whether they would depart in peace, or not.

   Then they turned and tried to seize him;
   but he drew his sword, and, with a word, the traitors heads fell before him;
   and he was once more king of the Golden Mountain