Преобразуйте пожалуйста предложение в вопрос.
Пример: He stood on the desk to open the window.
Did he stand on the desk to open the window?

1. They knew the way to the city centre.
2. He thought it was funny.
3. They studied abroad.
4. He got angry with the children.
5. They won the match easily.
6. He drove to the airport.
7. The train stopped suddenly.
8. The dog escaped through the fence.


Ответы и объяснения

1.did they know the way to the...
2.did he think it was funny?
3.did he study abroad?
4.he got angry with children, does he?
5.did they win the match easily?
6.did he drive?
7.did it stop?
8.did the dog escape ?