Написать про этих зверей по 2 предложения на англиском языке


Ответы и объяснения

This is zebra. It is colorful
This is snake.It is dangerous.
This is tiger. It is very strong.
This is monkey. It is very funny.
This is crokodile. It is very dangerous too/
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1.Слон..Elephant this African animal. It has a long trunk with which he drinks water
2.Дельфин.Dolphins it is animals who live in water. He very much loves when with it I play people. It friendly
3.Зебра.The zebra lives in Africa. She runs not really quickly and about her there are many animated films
4.Тигр.The tiger this predatory animal, most often he hunts on animals. It orange color in a strip
5.Змея.At a snake poisonous language. If it bites a people, he will die. It is necessary to steer clear of these reptiles
6.Крокодил.The crocodile lives in water, he green color. Eats different animals and insects