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Karim: Danny,could you put these bottles in the fridge if (1_________) enough room?
Danny: Ok,no problem.It's not every busy today,it is?
Karim: No.I (2_____)have time to clean the shelves this afternoon.But first I'll make us some tea.
Danny: That's a good idea.
Karim:What are you going to do when (3______) work this evening?
Danny: I don't know. (4_____)go out tonight.I'm feeling a bit tired.
Karim: Well,you can leave early if we (5_____) many customers.
Danny: Thanks,Karim.But (6_____) busy later (7______) the football match finishes.If Liverpool win today,everyone will want to celebrate.
1) a. they're
b. there's
c. there will be
2) a. may
b. may not
c. won't
3) a. you finish
b. you finished
c. you'll finish
4) a. I'll
b. I might
c. I might not
5) a. have
b. don't have
c. won't have
6) a.we're
b. we might be
c. we may not be
7) a. if
b. while
c. when


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