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Coco Chanel was born on August 19, 1883 in Saumur (Saumur), France . Her parents were not married . The mother could not feed the baby and gave her to a home for orphans. When Gabriel was 12 years old , his mother died and his father sent the girl to a Catholic monastery , and then in boarding school. Being forced to wear a uniform for many years , she wanted to dress all the women in their own way .Founder of the most famous and elegant fashion house many decades ago laid perpetuating tradition of elegance, not amenable to the influence of time . Instead of endless innovations Gabrielle Coco Chanel offered an updated classic pleated skirts , women's pants and blazers . Coat , and, of course , the famous Chanel suit style . Ideas that she embodied the beginning of the XX century , were truly revolutionary : it liberated women from suffocating corsets , long skirts, lush , extravagant hats and intricate ornaments. Simple , strict and clear lines , emphasizing the dignity and hide figure flaws , replaced with flounces and frills . Women were enraptured by the brilliant philosophical concept Chanel : to look great , not necessarily be young and beautiful . Fashion Chanel is not obsolete . All her stuff - simple and convenient, but at the same time stylish and elegant , remain relevant from year to year , regardless of the place in the world of fashion changes.After leaving the orphanage , young Gabriel decided to try herself in the music industry . Mediocre , but very attractive cabaret songstress often sang the song " Soso ", then got its nickname Coco , secure for life. Much success in his musical career she has achieved , but started a close friendship with a few wealthy men. Chanel was familiar with celebrities such as Toulouse -Lautrec , Renoir , Picasso, Diaghilev , Stravinsky . There, in "La Rotonde " , Gabriel , who had never known his father's affection, met a wealthy businessman Etienne Balzanom and settled with him in the aristocratic suburb of Paris - Vichy. She wanted different clothes from rich courtesans , also lived in the area, and preferred suits to complement small elegant hats .Balzan bought her shop where she sold her hats, which eventually became a great success . Feeling confident, Chanel has gone from Balzan and began to live independently while maintaining a close relationship with another Balzan Kopel .In 1918, Copel was killed in a car crash . Coco is back in the circle of Parisian bohemia . At this time, it is often seen on the French Riviera in a society pianist girlfriend . Rumors about bisexuality milliner . Despite the fact that Chanel introduced the fashion for women's pants , she herself rarely wore them , because I believe that a woman will never look in the pants as well as a man.