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Probably you know that in the UK Christmas is celebrating on December ,25. The official opening of the Christmas season is Advent. Advent post begins 4 weeks before Christmas.
The first symbols of Christmas are Advent Calendars. These are small calendars for 24 days with little doors for each date . Behind them there is a picture or a poem about Christmas. Every day are allowed to open only one door , which corresponds to the ensuing date. So the kids are counting down to a light Christmas.
Christmas is a family holiday. So, on the 25-th of December all the big family gather toghether and give each other's presents.
In the UK usually each family has a chrismtas tree. And each family hang on the fireplace Christmas stockings, where Santa Klaus leaves Christmas present for each member of the family. The ho
lly, the ivy, the mistletoe and the others plants are used for decorating the Winter Solstice Festival. 
So, now you know some of English Christmas traditions. Decorate your home in the English style and have a realy English Christmas, Merry Christmas, ho-ho-ho!