Срочно!!! 250 баллов тому, кто напишет сочинение про Рязань на англ. языке. В сочинении должны быть описания красивых мест Рязани, немного из или об истории , ещё надо о великих людях, которые родились или родились и жили в Рязани. В общем размер должен быть в 2 стр а4 рукописного текста!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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     Ryazan is one of the Central Russian cities. First, the city was called Pereyaslavl. The city has a violent history, it was attacted by the Tatar-Mongol yoke.
     In December 1237 Pereyaslavl became the new capital of the Principality. In the XIV century the city became a trade and craft center. At the same time the construction of the Kremlin began.  
     In 1778, the town got the name of Ryazan. Its people always distinguished by courage and daring. They were in the first ranks to defend their homeland. Ryazan remembers and honors its heroes. Their names are immortalized in the names of streets and squares.
     The great physiologist academician I. P. Pavlov and the founder of modern Astronautics K. E. Tsiolkovsky were born in Ryazan.
    The city has many attractions such as the famous Cathedral of the assumption, built in the late XVII century. This magnificent building more than Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. Now the Cathedral is Museum and the temple at the same time.
     Another sightseeing is Historical and archaeological Museum-reserve "Old Ryazan" that is an ancient settlement on the location of the capital of the Ryazan Principality.
     Ryazan art Museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia. Its collection includes over ten thousand original works of Russian and Western European artists of the XV - XX centuries.
      I love my city very much.