Помогите пожалуйста нужно написать сказку про мартышку и крокодила на англ.языке.4 класс


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On the ocean once a banana tree grew . Every year it matured many beautiful fruits. On this banana tree monkey lived .One got out of the ocean and a huge crocodile lay on the warm sand under the banana. Monkey saw him and said : - Be my guest , crocodile ! Try my bananas. In the world there is nothing sweeter than these fruits . Help yourself ! - And then the monkey tore some of the best and threw bananas their crocodile.Shrek loved bananas . Part he immediately ate two bananas and took with him and took his krokodilihe . Krokodiliha tried bananas and thought, " If life monkey eats fruit so sweet , so she is very sweet and tasty. And probably , there is nothing sweeter than the monkey heart. "Krokodiliha thought so and said the crocodile : - Bring me the monkey heart. If you do not bring - to my eyes do not show !Oddly persuaded her crocodile, nothing helped . He had to go for a monkey heart.When the crocodile again sailed to the coast , the monkey saw him as an old friend . Regaled bananas began to question , whether they liked krokodilihe . - Thank you, monkey! - Answered her crocodile . - My life in krokodiliha not tried anything sweeter than your bananas. And now she really wants you to come for a visit. - But how can I come to visit you ? - Surprised monkey . - Because you live under water, far from shore . I spend my whole life on the tops of trees. - It does not matter - she said the crocodile . - Sit on my back and I 'll take you to our home. And there we have a palace - go wherever you want , and dwell where you like it.Monkey thought and agreed . Gained the most ripe bananas in a gift krokodilihe , sat on the back of a crocodile , and they swam .When the coast was already far away, a crocodile suddenly laughed. - What are you laughing at? - Asked him a monkey. - I am glad his skill ! - Said the crocodile . - Because my krokodilihe wanted to eat monkey heart. I was afraid of something that 'll never catch you , and you yourself climbed crocodile teeth ! Ha ha ha!Frightened monkey . To shore far , she does not know how to swim . What to do now ? There is no salvation .But then I thought , "Only fools are surprised own mind and dexterity. Should be, and the crocodile is not clever . " And she decided to cheat a crocodile. - Oh, you're my poor crocodile ! - Zaohala monkey . - Oh, how I pity you ! Oh, you will get from krokodilihi ! Well you told me earlier said nothing ? - What are you ? - Worried crocodile . - What happened? - And what happened - said the monkey - I left my heart on the top of the banana tree . "Why - I think - I take it with you - even get wet ! " That's my sweet heart is left on the tree.Oh, what do you say now krokodilihe ?Angry crocodile : - What do I do now ? A monkey says : - I'm sorry for you. So be it , turn back. I'll take your heart , and then sail to visit your krokodilihe .Glad crocodile, turned back. And soon he crawled out with a monkey on coastal sand .Here monkey jumped from the back of a crocodile and instantly climbed on a banana tree .Long awaited monkey stupid crocodile , then began to scream and call her . A monkey sitting on the tree itself but chuckles . - If you want to eat monkey heart - finally she cried crocodile - first find a monkey without a head ! - Okay ! - Said the crocodile . - Nothing to do, look for . - And went looking for .However, until now the crocodile can not find a monkey dumber than himself .                                                                                       
The monkey and the crocodile. The monkey and the crocodile lived in Africa. A monkey lived on a banana tree and a green Crocodile lived in river. (1 page) once a strong Crocodile crawled out from the river and calmed down on a warm sand under the tree. The monkey saw the green Crocodile and said: " Crocodile! Try my yellow bananas!"Crocodile agreed and tried fruits. And the Crocodile liked bananas.(2 page) One evening the Monkey visited her friends.The Crocodile wanted to eat the Monkey. But Monkey called the true friends for help. They saved a Monkey and f Crocodile ran away.The Monkey and her friends were happy! The Crocodile cried alone near the river(3 page)