Complete the sentences with the correct variant of the main verb

1. I think he _________ the address already
A) has fount B) has been fount

2.Dinner_________ at 2 p.m. every day
A) is being served B) is served

3. Some wild animals ______ into the country and ________ to the Zoo.
A) were smuggled; sold B) were being smuggled; sold

4. His name _________ in the book.
A) hasn`t been mentioned B) wasn`t mentioned

5._________ the article_________ by the secretary next week?
A)Will... be translated B) Would... be translated

6. Who _____ my new car at the company last year
A) is being used B) is using

7. The road____________by the company last year.
A) isn`t used B)wasn`t used

8. Our car____at the moment.
A) is being cleaned В) is cleaned

9. Our town during the war.
A) was being destroyed В) was destroyed

10. When_Charley_?

A) has...been fod В) was...fed


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