Fill in the gaps with the right word on buying things:
1, If your belt is too tight,you should
a) lengthen b) loose c) loosen d)release
2. I gave her .....stockings for her birthday.
a) a b)a couple of c) any d)a pair of
3. George is wearing the blue and red .... tie.
a) designed b)iined c)pictured d) striped
4.I gave Mary a black silk scarf with pink....
a)balls b) marks c) sports d)stains
5.. He left his .... at the station and went sightseeing.
a)handbag b) purse c)sack d)suitcase
6.Bright colours don't .....her pale skin
a)agree b) fit c)match d)suit


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1, c) loosen
2. d) a pair of
3. d) striped
4. c) spots
5. d) suitcase
6. c) match