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5. Заполните пропущенные в предложениях места по примерам.1. Jill is in London. She has been in London since Monday.2. I know George. I have known him for a long time.3. They are married. They _______________ married since 1983.4. Brian is ill. He _______________ ill for a week.5. We live in this house. We _______________ here for ten years.6. I know Tom very well. I _______________ him for a long time already.7. We are waiting for you. We _______________ waiting since 11 o’clock.8. Alice works in a bank. She _______________ in a bank for 5 years.9. I’m learning English. I _______________ learning English for six months.10. She has a headache. She _______________ a headache since she got up.


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They has been married....
He has ill....
We have lived here....
I have known him...
We have been
She has worked
I have learned 
She has had