а какой класс учебник?
7 или 8?
9 класс
наверное все-таки у меня слишком мало слов получится для 9 класса(
да мне уже решили)

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  • Raffine
  • почетный грамотей
P - Polly, M - Mike.

M: Hey, Polly! What's up? You look a bit confused.
P: Hi, Mike. Frankly speaking, I need a friendly ear.
M: Oh, dear, you know that I'm always ready to help you! What's the matter?
P: You see, I'm a bit nervous. I've just graduated from school and I don't know what to do then! My parents say I have to enter the university, but I have no idea what direction to choose. Every university offer so many opportunities!
M: Let me give you some pieces of advice. Firstly, you've better to keep an open mind. Have you thought about your options? 
P: Not yet. I ought to pass my exams to understand what university is possible to enter. And you know that my results really do matter! 
M: And have you chose what subjects to pass?
P: Everybody have to pass Russian and Math. It seems to me that it's possible to improve my knowledge of biology and chemistry, so I have a chance to pass them successfully.
M: That's really nice! You may pass biology and chemistry exams and then enter First Moscow State Medical University! You may become a dentist or surgeon -. very profitable pursuits nowadays!
P: Unfortunately, I can't afford to enter this university, it's too expensive for me. 
M: But if you do courses well, you'll get a promotion and a chance to get a student loan! You can also find a job. I swear to pick you up every morning, so you can save up some money on transport. 
P: Oh' thank you so much! It's very kind of you! You help me a lot. Now I feel more focused because of your advice. 
M: You are welcome, Polly. I bet now you feel better, so keep your chin up and everything will be alright.