Это по сказке Henny-penny
Answer the qwestions
1)What did Henny-penny say when an acorn fell and hit her on the head?
2)Where did she set out?
3)Who went together with her?
4)What did Foxy-woxy tell them?
5)Where did Foxy-woxy?
6)The dark hole was Foxy-woxy's cave,wasn't it?
7)It wasn't a short way to the king's palace,was it?
8)Did they all go into the cave,or did Foxy-woxy go in first?
9)How did Henny-penny know something was wrong?
10)What did she do?


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1) She said that the sky was going to fall
2) She was going to go to the king
3) Cocky-locky, Ducky-daddles, Goosey-poosey, Turkey-lurkey, Foxy-woxy went together with her.
4) The Foxy-woxy said they were wrong. That was not the way to the king.
5) там не сказано где она была)уточни вопрос
6) yes it was
7) no it wasn't
8) Foxi-woxi went into the cave with Ducky-daddles, Goosey-poosey, Turkey-lurkey and Cocky-locky.
9) Cocky-locky called out to Henny-penny
10) he turned tail off and she ran home.