Нужно вставить слова из предложенных. Помогите, очень надо, срочно.

did, Let's watch, are you going to, have already seen, will, am going to, don't. are you going, will come, did you like, enjoyed.


-Listen, watch ___ on Saturday?

-I ___ know. Why?

-I ___ watch a new video. ___ you join me?

-What film ___ watch?

-Star Wars.

-I ___ it.

-When ___ you see it?

-Last Sunday.

-___ it?

-I really ___ it.

-___ some cartoons then.

-OK. I ___ to your place at 3. Is it all right?

-Great! See you soon.


Ответы и объяснения


1 are you going to( но в этом случае как то коряво получается)

2 don't

3 am going to 

4 will

5 are you going to 

6 have already seen

7 did

8 did you like

9 enjoyed

10 Let's watch 

11 will come 


Listen,what ... 

Вы,скорее всего допустили ошибку в слове "watch".


I don't know...

I'm going to watch a new video.

Will you join me?

What film are you going to watch?


I've already seen it.

When did you see it?

Last Sunday.

Did you like it?

I really enjoyed it.

Let's watch some cartoons then.

Ok.I will come to your place...