Определите залог и время сказуемого:
1.I go to granny every summer.
2.The letter had been written before we came.
3.He was writing a latter when you called.
4.These houses were built last year.
5.Your letter will have been answered by Monday.
6.I have already finished the task.
7.This work must be done at once.
8.The machine is being tested now.
9.They will come tomorrow.
10.The delegation was met at the airport.


Ответы и объяснения

1,Активный залог, Present Simple
2.Пассивный залог, Past Perfect
3.Активный залог, Past Continious
4.Пассивный залог, Past Simple
5.Пассивный залог, Future Perfect
6.Активный залог, Present Perfect
7.Пассивный залог, Present Simple
8.Пассивный залог, Present Continious
9.Активный залог, Future Simple
10.Пассивный залог, Past Simple