Помогите пожалуйста: вы только что переехали в новый дом напишите письмо своему американскому другу в котором сообщите ваш новый адрес . опишите ваш новый дом . сообщите что вам больше всего понравилось/ не понравилось в новом районе пригласите друга погостить в вашем новом доме


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Hello my new address street Arbuzov MoI new house about two storey he is orange. I liked especially the neighbors! But not like that river far. If you want to see all the things that I have described that come will stay for a while!- перевод Привет мой новый адрес улица  Арбузова 6а.Мой новый дом примерно двух этажный он оранжевого цвета. мне там всё понравилось особенно соседи! Но не понравилось что река далеко. Если хочешь увидеть всё то что я тебе описал то приходи погостишь! 
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Dear Alex,

I am writing to tell you about my new house. It is so wonderful! I live on the outskirts of the town and it is far from the centre. It is two-storeyed building, surrounded by trees and flowers. It has all modern conveniences: central heating, gas, electricity, cold and hot water. My home is a place where I can relax, and I come back with pleasure.
There are three rooms on the ground floor: a kitchen, a living-room and a hall. The living-room is the largest and most comfortable room. There is a large window, a TV set, a sofa, two armchairs and a fireplace. My father likes playing the guitar here. It is very cozy room where all my family likes to spend time.
On the first floor there are four rooms: a bathroom and three bedrooms. My room is not small or large. There is everything what I need: a bed, a wardrobe, a mirror, an armchair and a table with my computer. Also there is a big aquarium in the corner of the room. Now I`d like to say that there is no place like home. And I`d like to invite you to my house. I am sure that you will like it as well. It is a place you want to stay and want to return to.
Alex, please, pay attention to my new address:
8 Mostovaya St,  Moscow, 99703, Russia

I am waiting for you!
Best wishes,