Помогите пожалуйста очень срочно нужно!!!! поставить глаголы в нужную форму: “How to choose a career”
Choosing a career depends upon your
character, intellect, abilities and talent. Do
you think someone (1)_____(be) a good
teacher if he (2) ______(not love) children, or
someone (3) _______(be) a good vet if he (4)
______(not like) animals
You (5)______(be) never a respectable judge
if you (6)______(not be) just and honest. Only
he who (7) ______(have) a creative mind (8)
______(be) a successful businessman. Only
those who (9)_______(not be) afraid of being
in the open sea during a storm (10) _____
(become) sailors.
There are a lot of interesting professions,
and many roads are opened before school
leavers. Nowadays most professions are
offered only to educated people. So if you
(11)______(want) to be a professional you
(12)_____(have to) enter an institute or
university. You (13) ______(enter) a university
only if you (14) _______(study) hard.
So, it is necessary to develop your strength
of will. If you (15) _______(have) this quality,
your dreams (16) ______(come) true soon.


Ответы и объяснения

1. will be
2. does not love
3. will be
4. does not
5. will (never) be
6. are not
7. has
8. will be
9. is not
10. will become
11. want
12. will have to
13. will enter
14. study
15. have
16. will come