Завершите текст с правильной формой слова
I think studying at home has (0) more (many) advantages than any other way of schooling. One of the (1)___(big) advantages of homeschooling is the timetable. Homeschooling ( at least for us ) takes(2)___(little) time, and it also isn't limited to certain hours. When I was little, Mum or Dad took(3)___(we) to the zoo, the science centre, a park, or wherever, during the day while allthe other kids(4)___(sit) in school. If you were sick or tired, you could sleep(5)___(long). I did (6)___(much) of my high school in the evenings while I (7)___(lie) on me bed. And finally, I think the (8)___(important) advantage of homeschooling is that it brings families(9)___(close).


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