The sister Valya all good, too learn otlichno.My all for you very bored waiting for the summer comes to you priehat.Do bye! Немного не дописала-это продолжение
Письмо нужно придумать по этому тексту?я что-то не пойму
ответить на егл письмо

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Hello dear grandfather, I am writing to you from out of town, because I was offered to go there with my grandmother uchitsya.Kak business? When I learned, will definitely come to you in gosti.Kak ase health? Maybe you bring raspberry jam in the winter is very good remedy for colds?
We're fine, Mom quit her job, do housework delami.Ne long father went to the dacha, planted apple and cherry trees.

не по плану ведь
какой план нужен?
на картинке все есть)
У тебя же вроде написано просто письмо.
а,сейчас гляну