Сколько прeдложeний?
Puma like a panther, though more graceful. Do cougars strong, elongated, flexible body, small head with small ears and round, low, strong legs. Broad paws with sharp retractable claws, feet wide. The tail is long, muscular, powerful, uniformly pubescent, at the tail end of a small paint brush. Fur is thick, short and rude. Canines up to 4 cm in length. Cougar weighs from 27 to 102 kg. Length of its body with the tail from 145 to 275 cm

Ответы и объяснения

Couguar - the second largest felines in America ; it only larger jaguar . This cat reaches a length of 100-180 cm, tail length 60-75 cm, height at withers 61-76 cm and weight up to 105 kg (males) . Normal normal male largest subspecies weighs about 70 - 90 kg.Cougar body flexible and elongated legs low, relatively small head . The tail is long , muscular, uniformly pubescent .Paws wide ; on its hind legs to 4 finger front - 5 .Unlike many big cats , pumas rarely attack humans , preferring to avoid it.