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I like playing football
My coach is very friendly and hard-working
Basketball is very hard game, but very interesting
My boyfriend plays hockey and he loves swimming too
At PE (физ-ра) we are usually playing baseball
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 Sport is a specific kind of physical and intellectual activity, committed for competitions, as well as targeted training to them through the workout, the workout. In combination with pleasure, the desire to gradually improve physical health, higher levels of intelligence, receive moral satisfaction, commitment to excellence, improvement of personal, group and absolute world records, glory, improve their physical capabilities and skills, sport is designed to improve the physical and mental characteristics of the person.

Sport is an integral part of physical culture. This is actually competitive activities and preparation for it. It clearly shows the aspiration to victory, to achieving high results, the mobilization of physical, mental and moral qualities of a man. Sport necessary in order to influence on the society.

Спорт представляет собой специфический род физической и интеллектуальной активности, совершаемой с целью соревнования, а также целенаправленной подготовки к ним путём разминки, тренировки
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