помогите очень !!!очень!!! быстро быстро сочинить монолог на английском

на тему взаимоотношение семьи + и -.

большое сочинение писать НЕ НАДО!

максимум 7-10 предложений мне нужно это выучить до завтрашнего утра


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Being a parent is very probably the most difficult and demanding job people over do. it can also quite a disappointing time for some parents especially if they expressed parenthood to be enjoyable all the time, or had unrealistic ideas about having the perfect child. But for more parents it is one of the happiest and most satisfying experiences of thie lives. There are some problems that can make being a parent even more difficult- such as lack of money, cramped housing conditions, problems in your relationship.The most important thing to remember is that there is no one correct way of bringing up a child.  Provided thier need are met , children from all different kinds of social, religoous or cultural backgrounds can still grow up to be happy, well- adjusted adults. You are  the only experts when it comes to bringing up your children