Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на тему как ты ухаживаешь за своим домашним животном .На английском.!!Срочно!


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I like my (dog).I it feed meat, every day.I go for a walk evry moning and every nigt
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"I have a black cat. As for me, she looks beautiful and i love her. She was brought for me from Moscow. Her eyes are blue. I feed her everyday, but she like only milk, meat and beef-soup. To tell the truth i think, her behavior is bad. I would prefer some smarter and polite cat. For example, she wants to eat every night, and I can hardly imagine that I can do to make it stop. From time to time she think that i'm her servant and should do all her wishes. Every day i clean her paws and toilet. From time to time i have to wash her. I can to describe her behavior infinitely but does it matter ? What more is there to say ? If you have a cat so remember that is big responsibility." Сделал перевод на уровне лошары, на более не способен :D