We a typical modern familyBoth of my parents work for large companies and have to give lots of their time work.As a result l have to be all by ( I ) most of the time.I'm an only child and I often wish I ( have) a sister or a brother to keep me company.Fortunay,my grandmother moved in with us recently. She used to live alone in the country and we often suggested that she should come and live with us.She always answered that she ( not move) to the city as she had got used to living in her healthy and audit enveiromment.She ( live) in that house for more that forty years. It ( build) by my grat-grandfather and it's no wonder she loved it so much.Hower, a couple of mounths ago Granny had to change her firm decision to stay in the house till the and of her life.One day she (feel) unwell and called for an ambulance.When she (bring) to the local hospital doctor diagnosed serious heart disease.She received all the necessary treatment there and wanted to return to her house but the doctors adviser her ( not do) that.They said it ( be) safer for her to live winh her family.Surprisingly enough-she agreed with them!
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would not move
has been living
was built
was brought
not to do
would be