Срочно, работа нужна к завтрашнему дню!!!! Помогите пожалуйстаСрочно !!!! Помогите пожалуйста написать рассказ на английском языке, на тему : рассказ о проблемах любого города в РФ, кроме Москвы (экология, дороги, население и т.д). 15-20 предложений. Заранее большое спасибо.


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Environmental problems - a systematic approach

Institute of Industrial Ecology , Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences established in 1992 , the Scientific and Engineering Centre for Environmental Safety UB RAS .Creation and establishment of the Institute coincided with a difficult period in the life of our country . This could not but affect the choice of research subjects and the nature of tasks. It was necessary to move to a qualitatively different level of abstraction to see the place in a number of environmental problems all others: medical, social, economic, demographic , etc. , and see the relationship and interdependence. The first step in understanding this is done.The main conclusion - an efficient solution of large-scale multi-factorial and diverse ekologoobuslovlennyh problems is possible only through an integrated system approach .Effectively solve problems separately:environmental - based only on ecological principles ;economic - considering only the economic aspects;medical - considering only health problems , etc. , it is impossible . This is due to the fact that , as a rule , environmental problems are solved in the complex in order to , for example, improving public health , economic or demographic situation , quality of life , etc. But when we link the state of the environment and public health, the environment and the economy begin to act out their criteria and principles that are different from purely environmental, health , economic principles , such as prioritization .The challenge now facing the team of the Institute - based on the principles of system analysis to develop a methodology for solving complex problems and ekologozavisimyh at levels from local, regional and higher.