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Since ancient times, people watching the behavior of animals . Exploring their lives , habits , manners . He notices the features that either to be proud of , or reprove their own kind . Not for nothing , and our time was reached expression - " cunning as a fox ," " slippery as a snake ", " slow as a turtle " or " the greatness of a lion ." That behavior had been noted lion those qualities that are so highly valued in the human race . For example - bravery , loyalty , courage . Value of the expression - " fight like a lion" probably, today , it is known to everyone. So it is no wonder why this animal was honored to be his betrothed king zvereyTraditsionno believe the king of beasts . In ancient Egypt, the lion was the emblem of divine and royal power. Assyrians and Greeks , he was the constant companion of goddesses. In early Christian art lion symbolized Saints Mark and Jerome, and later even Christ himself . Over time, the Lions are an integral Emblazoned some principalities and states. However, it is not the largest cat