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1. Are you having problems, Stuart?
I asked...
2. I wonT eat my vegetables!
She refused....
3. This is the first time the train has been late?
We pointed out that never...
4. Please, pplease let me go to the disco! she asked them.
She begged....
5. Where is the meeting on Friday?
He asked...
6. She advised Mike to the take his car.
You better...
7. I am having my flat re-decorated
Mary said...


Ответы и объяснения

  • Guana
  • середнячок
1. I asked Stuart if he has any problems.
2. She refused eating vegetables.
3. We pointed out that the train was never late.
4. She begged them to let her go to the disco.
5. He asked them if there were a meeting on Friday.
6. You better to take his car.
7. Mary said her flat is being re-dectorated