Write about your favourite book. Use the Past Simple.(Можно любую детскую книгу для 4го класса) 5-7предложений.


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My favorit books a "Buratino". It is books about adventures Buratino and his friends.
There are bad people: fox Alisa, cat Basilio and Karas Barabas. They would decive Buratino and fall in Wonderland, but Buratino decive they and himself fal there's.(только четыре((, но можно добавить про мультфильм)
My favourite Book.

I like reading.
Last month I read many interesting books.
They were about children an animals.
But I liked the Fairy-Tale about Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi.
It was a very interesting story.
The main character of this story was a wooden boy. He did not want to go to school.
Pinocchio was a funny boy who learned from his mistakes.
He had many friends and they helped him in many situation.
I liked this story very much.