Составить небольшое сочинение на тему мой любимый фильм на английском языке


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We watched a lot of movies that I liked, but my favorite is the Russian film called "Christmas Tree". It is a bright Christmas comedy, consisting of two parts: "Firs-1" and "2-Firs." The first film appeared a year ago, and the second appeared on the screens this year. I liked both films, because they were great.Traditionally , all Russian families decorate the tree in the New Year's Eve . The biggest Christmas tree erected in Moscow on Red Square. The film shows how families in different cities of the country are preparing to celebrate the New Year. Some people even get into the problem , but funny situations . Many characters in the film are love and friendship . I loved this movie because it had a lot of good and positive things . There have also been some of my favorite actors, among them Ivan Urgant, Sergei Svetlakov Gosha Kutsenko and others. If you have not seen this movie , I recommend it.