Помогите, пожалуйста. Talk about the career you are planning to choose. Use the questions to help you.
1. What kind of carrer is it going to be?
2. Why have you chosen it?
3. Do you think you're cut out for this job?
4. What kind of education / training will you need for it? Will you need a degree?
5. What activities will doing your job involve?
6. What opportunities will this job give you?
7. What will you specialise in?
8. Where do you see yourself fifteen years from now?
9. What does the word "carrer" mean to you?
10. Does the carrer, you're going to choose, fit this description? If not, why not?
профессия по выбору: полицейский или налоговый инспектор


Ответы и объяснения

1)I wonna be  a policeman
2)I like this profession since my childhood, I want to help people, I like to investigate the cases of the , incident.
3) I think Yes, it is wonderful when a people like his case,his job.
8) After fifteen years I see myself major-General
9) Achieve their goals with my favorite things and the ability to move up the work.