СРОЧНО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!have you ever had an experience of being bullied? Can you tell me? Была ли у тебя такая ситуация,чтобы тебя кто нибудь запугивал?Расскажи об этом.(если таких случаев не было,расскажи про своих друзей) 5-7 предложений на английском»


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I don't have many cases of bullied in my life. But,for sure,I had some of them. I have an elder sister. When we were small,she often bullied me. She used to say that if I did not listen to her,she would tell our parents what bad things I had done. I think that it very serious cases,but,of course,I didn't like it at all!)


Yes, I had such a case. a high school student (Dima) bullied me so that I gave him the money every day . At first I was afraid to tell anyone else. but once he started to extort money from me and my friend saw the situation and told to my dad. my dad called his mom to the director and  Dima has been punished, and yet he gave me all the money and asked me for forgiveness.