have you ever had an experience of being bullied? Can you tell me? Была ли у тебя такая ситуация,чтобы тебя кто нибудь запугивал?Расскажи об этом.(если таких случаев не было,расскажи про своих друзей) 5-7 предложений на английском»


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I have never been bulied. But I have a friend. He is small built and the boys his age that are bigger and stronger than he is like to bulie him around. Most of the time around ten tough guys push him into the corner and start hitting him  because he is very good at studying. Other times they steal and hide his belongings. Bullying is a terible thing and needs to be stoped. If you have a friend in need like I do, stand  up for them and help them as much as you can, because they really need your support.