срочно надо придумать 1 предложение со словом play (пьесса),1 предложение со словом fire (огонь) и по одному предложению со словом light (1 смысл лёгкий,2 смысл светлый)


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1.Abraham Lincoln loved to play and enjoy visiting all the most popular performances in the theaters of Washington.

2.Making fire by friction gave the first man dominion over a certain force of nature, and so completely separated the human from the animal kingdom.


3. а)Light pressure was discovered by the prominent Russian scientist Lebedev at the end of the last century. ( в значении "свет")

    б)Аs light as a feather .( в значении "лёгкий")


1.  I go to the theatre to see all new plays every season.

2.We couldn*t even imagine that fire would spread so easily- everything  was burning.

3.I  prefer to listen to the light music to relax and think a little.

She has a big but light bag in her hand.

4. My friend has a long light hair