топик по английскому языку what we should do to keep fit только чтобы там и про здоровую еду было и про врачей и т.д.


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There  many ways to keep fit. The first way is to go in for sports. Sport helps us to stay in good shape, to be healthy. Moreover, sport makes us more organaised and better disciplined in our daily activities. Secondly, we must eat healthy food. The fashion for healthy food is growing all the time. And healthy food can be found in all shops and supermarkets. By the way, doctors have learned ro cure many illnesses, so we live longer. To be healthy we should avoid different bad habits thet cdn affect our health. It is common knowledge, that Smoking and trinking alcohol are the worst ones and they can shorten our lifes dramatically. It is very imporatant to think about our health and we should care about it.