Помогите пожалуйста, составить мини текст на английском с переводом тема "Праздники России"


Ответы и объяснения

Public holidays in Russia - extra days associated with the holidays . Listed in Art. 112 of the Labor Code of Russia.
In addition to public holidays in Russia established working holidays - holidays are not additional output , but the celebrations are held . Set as days of remembrance . On the Day of Memory and Grief June 22 cultural institutions , on television and radio canceled entertainment and transmission throughout the day .
Professional holidays established in recognition of workers' sectors of the economy and in different fields.
Memorable days set in honor of the significant events and important dates in history or the history of Russia .
Days of Military Glory ( victorious days ) Russia set to commemorate the glorious victories of the Russian army , which played a decisive role in the history of Russia .
Anniversaries Russia - officially established memorable dates in the history of the Fatherland , associated with important historical events in the life of the state and society