Помогите срочно написать сочинение на английском языке по теме:мой первый учитель!!!


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My first teacher was always kind and simple, friendly and fair. With impatience we awaited in the morning, what to make with him the new discoveries. Nobody suspected: that would morning we hit the "secrets," teacher, all that evening sat at the table, looking for interesting material for tomorrow's class.

At that time, when we went to bed, he still checked our notebooks, invented, composed, and sometimes went to bed in the morning. He wanted that we would gladly go into the school and was not bored in the classroom. Giving myself the other children, unfortunately, there is little time left for the family. The teacher strives to understand it, as labor of any teacher aims to ensure that the guys were in a happy future. I'm grateful to my first teacher for my first class, for all that he has taught me. Thank You, Olga! Thank you, mom!
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I do think that my favorite teacher is .... She’s my English teacher. My favorite teacher…when I think about my teacher these words contain feelings, emotions, attitude, may be the style of life, the relationships with people who surround you: respect and understanding, admission the person such as he is and of course, the belief that every person deserves to be listened to and the right to correct a mistakes.She always is ready to help the person who needs her help. She tries to bring us to be good people. She says that good and bad things return, that our life is boomerang. I suppose that many pupils of my school have written only good words about our English  teacher ....