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Hollywood (born Hollywood: holly - holly, wood - wood) - Los Angeles area, located north-west of the city center. California. Hollywood has traditionally been associated with the American film industry, because in this area there is a lot of studios, and home of many famous movie stars.
Hollywood is known throughout the world Walk of Fame - the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, which required more than 2,600 five-pointed stars with the names of celebrities who have made great contributions to the entertainment industry.
Due to its fame and cultural identity as the historical center of movie studios and movie stars, the word "Hollywood" is often used as a metonym for the American film industry. The name "tinsel town" (English «Tinseltown») refers to the magnificent nature of Hollywood and the film industry.
Today, much of the film industry is dispersed in the area, such as Westside, but much of auxiliary industries, such as editing, effects, props, post-production and lighting, remain in Hollywood, as well as full-scale film set «Paramount Pictures».
Many historic Hollywood theaters are used as a place of action and concert scene for the premiere of the major hits your recorded performances, as well as a place to honor Academy Award. It is a popular place for nightlife and tourism and home of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Although Los Angeles is not the typical boundaries for creating special districts or neighborhoods, Hollywood - this is an exception. February 16, 2005 Assembly Member Goldberg and Koretz introduced a bill demanding that California registered independent Hollywood. Were identified for this border. This bill was supported by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the City Council of Los Angeles. Assembly bill 588 was received by the Governor August 28, 2006 and now the district of Hollywood has official borders. Border can be roughly described as follows: - east of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, south of Mulholland Drive, Laurel Canyon Boulevard Kahuenga, and Barham Boulevard, and the city of Burbank and Glendale, north of Melrose Strip and the West Railway Golden State and Prospect Hyperion. It also includes Griffith Park and Los Feliz - two areas that many losandzhelestsy often considered separate from Hollywood. Population of the district, including Los Feliz, according to the census in 2000 was 167,664 and the median household income was $ 33.409 in 1999.
As the part of the city of Los Angeles, in Hollywood do not have a municipality, but it does have an official selectable Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which supports and serves as an honorary "Mayor of Hollywood" only in the ceremonies. Johnny Grant held this position for several decades, until his death on January 9, 2008.