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Dear aunt Monica Thank you very much fo your letter. It was greet to get a letter from you. I am really enjoying University life. i have made some good fiends allready – expecially helen and marcus. Helen is form Manchester and Marcus comes from liverpool. His accent is reelly wierd. yesterday we went to Cardiff to do som shoping. Everything is much more exspensive than back at home. – i miss Jamaica and of corse I miss You and my naughty little bruthers. Cardiff is a Big city – the capitul city of Wales. Wales is nex to Englund and a seperate country, but they are both part of the UK. It’s confusing, isn,t it? My course Is verry interesting.. i am leaning so much about the enviroment of this country. my Teachers are Good, accept I wish they would speek more slowly som of th time.,, I can’t always here everythng that they are saying. That’s Why I’m using a small tape recorder to re-cord every lecture8. Then I can listen to it in my Room as I stuidy. It’s really helps. Thank s for asking abot all my boyfrends !! No, – I haven,t met anone yet. I’m here to learn about the enviroment and practise my english, rathur than go out drinking in pubs and clubs with boys every night! I hope that i will fiind someone who shars my interests. Untill that time ; you will have to make do with me being a singl girl! With Lots of Love to you and my Darling bruthers Roger an Paul, and all my family and frends there. I will see You very soon. Hope I will hear from you soon Too.’ Your loving Niece,


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I have already made friends....
лучше тоже поставь marcus is from liverpool
we went for shopping to cardiff yesterday 
than at home
the capital of wales
i am learning about the environment of this country
не some of the time, а sometimes
Sometimes I cant understand what they are saying
in my room when i'am studying 
it is very useful а не it is really helps 

если ты писала это про себя, то тебе очень повезло)