помогите плиззззззззззз!!!!!!!! написать сочинение по английскому на тему:моя родина Молдова.


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                                      My Motherland of Moldova.
Love their country - so ardently
want to see it implement
the ideal of mankind and to the best of their
spospeshestvovat it.
(Vissarion Belinsky)

What is the homeland of human life and destiny? Homeland can not be the same as the word "happiness", to define a word or phrase.Usually, a country where a person was born and raised. Moldova - a place where I spent the best years of his life, childhood, and this is my destiny to which I felt a sense of ownership.
It was from his childhood, adults taught me to love and be proud of the motherland, whatever it was. They are taught to respect, admire, andbe content to develop a sense of patriotism to their country.Discovering the world of adults, I am accustomed to the traditions, religion and culture of his family, and, consequently, and their country.In this period of life, I "soaked up everything like a sponge,"remembering even the smallest details.

Love for the motherland begins with a love for their parents. Valuingtheir loved ones, people will still be valued and his native country and in every way she empathize. Second, how to begin the Motherland - alove for the faith of their ancestors and even the memory of their ancestors. The history of each individual and the country is full of hisfunny moments. I believe that a resident of this country should know the history of our land, where he grew up and lives up to the present day.Hard to be the person who does not know the history of his people.
Moldova - a country with a great past, present, and very confusinguncertain future. The country was formed millennium, but the cultureoriginated much earlier. Well, as I not be proud of their country, if itwent through many, many defended.