Мне нужен текст на английском языке (город Кременчуг) Описание или Крюковского моста или Вечно живым или Какого небудь красивого фонтана если будете описывать фонтан прикрепите фотку пожалуйста очень нужно буду благодарна всем)))


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Город Кременчуг
Kremenchug - oblast town , railway junction and the port. Consists of Avtozavodsky and Kriukovski areas. Most of the city is situated on the left bank , a smaller ( Hooks ) - on the right . Distance to Poltava - 119 km .        Kremenchug agglomeration is included in 10 of the largest in Ukraine with a population of about polumiliona people.        Found near the town of minerals - large deposits of iron ore anomalies Kremenchug , granite , clay, quartz sand river .        Kremenchug where founded in the XVI century for the defense of left-bank Dnieper region . Famous Ukrainian historian and ethnographer MA Markevich , in particular , believed that Kremenchug originated in 1571.        economy        Kremenchug is one of the major donors to the budget of Ukraine, its part in the national budget of about 7 %. The city focused engineering and manufacturing enterprise: Kremenchug refinery ( UkrTatNafta - leader of Ukrainian market of fuels and lubricants ) , Krukovka Carriages , KrAZ, one of the largest in Eastern Europe and the CIS, assembly plant KrASZ Kremenchug , Kremenchug Wheel Plant , Kremenchug road machines ( Kredmash ) , steelworks , Kremenchug Carbon Black Plant , Meat Processing , 3 bakery , Dairy , Distillery , leather saddlery factory, sewing factory 2 , 3 confectionaries " Roshen ", " Lucas ", " Daisy" , a tobacco factory JTI, enterprise manufacturing trailers for passenger cars " Kreme " and others.        The total volume of industrial products sold in the selling prices of enterprises in 2010 amounted to 28.77 million USD.        The city is one of the leaders in the field on the average wage , ahead on this indicator Poltava.        The city is a major railway junction in central Ukraine ( Southern Railway ) , has a large port on the Dnieper, and the airfield. Upstream of the Dnieper is Kremenchug HPP , part of the "Ukrhydroenergo" and forming the Kremenchug reservoir having the greatest surface in the Dnieper cascade.Kremenchug Culture and Education        The city is the cultural institutions such as the Regional Historical Museum, Makarenko , City Gallery , Gallery of Natalia Yuzefovich etc. Major cultural events are held in the Municipal Palace of Culture, and in the palaces of culture at enterprises ( Palace of Culture KrAZ Dormash , refineries ) .        Education is available in 6 schools , Kremenchug Melitsinskom College Summer College of National Aviation University , National University of Kremenchug . Ostrogradskii - Poltava region 's largest university , with an enrollment of over 9000 students, Kremenchug University of Economics , Information Technology and Management , Institute of Kremenchug Dnipropetrovsk University of Economics and Law , CPG 7 , as well as offices of other universities .        For sports , the city has 3 Youth , Sports Facilities ( "Polytechnic" , "Helicopter" , "Ukrtatnafta" , etc.) , numerous sections and private gyms ( "Antey" , "Spartacus", "Titan ", " Atrium "," MT- Sport ").        transportation        The city has two railway stations : " Kremenchug " and " The Hook- On - Dnepr " . Station " Kremenchug " - one of the largest in the Southern Pacific Railroad , is on the line Kharkiv - Poltava- Znamianka -Odessa .        Direct passenger rail service has Kremenchug to Kiev , Kharkov, Moscow , Lviv, Odessa , Dnipropetrovsk , Simferopol and other major cities . Commuter trains run to Poltava Romodan , globin Horol , Pavlysh . In 2008 he was electrified with alternating current portion Kremenchug Burty - Koristovka . In 2008, launched " rail bus " for regular commuting . Also, the city has a large port on the Dnieper.
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