Помогите пожалуста составить 10 предложений по английски с глаголом 4 класс

какие именно предложения? по какой теме? с каким временем? (present simple, present continous)?
нет просто с глаголом
как тебя звать
My father go to relax at 6 o clock. I go to read a book. My friend go to play footboll. My friend hit me.

Ответы и объяснения

Today i am going to play with my pets.
My mom cook my favourite food.
I am doing my homework now.
At the weekends my family usually go to the shops.
It is raining today.
There five apples on the table.
My kittens are very nice.
We will go cycling tomorrow.
My parents are busy today.
On celebrations we usually dress up.