Вообщем, ребят, нужно ПРАВИЛЬНО раскрыть скобки, буду очень признателен за выполнение этого задания. Заранее спасибо

С 1 по 4 я сам сделал, так что с 5 по 12 нужно...

Ответы и объяснения

If he was present now he might see you
if i try again this time i will do it
if our telephone wasnt out of order i could call you this morning 
if you come between two and three you will find me at home
i couldnt do it lasr year if you asked him to
you couldnt get into trouble yesterday if you followed my instructions
if a year ago i was told i was to go to france i would be surprised
if i knew you come yesterday of course i would stay at home 
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last year (5 строчка)
ошибочка там