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Hi Kurt!

Hi Kate!

It's nice to see you again on such a fine day!

I am glad to see you too!

Hey, I was talking with everyone about their summer plans but I haven't heard from you what you are going to be doing.

It's cause you never asked.

Well, I am asking you now.

Ok, I will tell you. This summer my familly and I are going to go to the Azov sea. We have some relative's there. I really enjoy going there. I am able to meet my cousins and old friends, go swimming and have a great time!

That sounds like a lot of fun!

It sure will be! So now about you. What are you going to be doing this summer.

First, I am going to go to my grandmothers summer house and help her with her garden. My friends will be organising a hike to the Karpathian mountains so I will be joining them for some time. And last but not least, I am going to go to Germany. My parents have been wanting to go see it for a very long time and now they finally got the oppertunity. And I am going to go with them.

Oh, so thats why you are so interested in my summer plans.


So you can show of with your cool summer!

No. I really was interested in knowing what your summer will be like.

Yeah, whatever. See you in class Kate!