Make the right choice

1 They are ... drivers. They drive their cars ...(dangerously, dangerous)

2He got up ... and left the room without saying a word. She gave us a ... look but did not say a word. (quickly, quick)

3Do you think his English is ...? Does he speak English ...?(fuent, fluently)

4His ... speech impressed me greatly. He didn't give us any details about the trip, he spoke very ... .(brief, briefly)

5Walk across the road ... .My father is a ... driver: he has never had any problems. (careful, carefully)

6-I have a ... plan. Many years ago people called this place ... .(differently, different)


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1 dangerous /dangerously
2 порядок как в скобках
3 порядок как в скобках
4 порядок как в скобках
5 carefully, careful
6 наоборот, нежели в скобках