It was autumn. The trees were yellow and red. The hare was grey. He was afraid of winter. In winter snow is white and I'm grey. The fox _____(can, should, must) see and eat me. You ____(can, should, may) fly away, the bird said. I _____(must, can, can't) fly. ______(Must, May, Should) I stay with you& the hare asked the bear. No, _____(answered, asked, told) the bear. One day ____ (it was, it is, was) snowy. The hare saw a fox but the fox ______(don't see, did see, didn't see) the hare. The snow _____(were, was, is) white and the hare was white. I ____( should, must, shouldn't) be afraid of winter and the fox, said the hare.
Помогите вставить в пропуски слова , которые в скобках. И перевести этот текст. заранее спасибо


Ответы и объяснения

1. Can
2. Should
3. Can't
7.Didn't see