Ответы и объяснения

Текст, как мне кажется, не нужен, т.к. ты в ответах ты выражаешь свое собственное мнение.. но раз уж ты обращаешься за помощью сюда, напишу на свой вкус:
1)Yes, radio and TV are used in  today's world but computer gradually replaces them.
2)On TV and radio we can hear about the latest news, listen music, follow changes in weather, watch films, cartoons, shows and other.
3) I don't have a radio at home, so I listen to the radio only when I go in the village to visit my grandparents.
4)I don't have a favourite radio station
5) As I'm a teenager I prefer to watch fantastical movies about different supernatural creatures.
6) My favourite TV channels are 1+1 (one plus one) and STB because on these channels I can watch my favourite vocal shows.
7) What about me I usually get information from Interner with the help of my PC (personla computer) and smartphone. But sometimes I can also use different books, magazines and newspapers. Besides, some people share information better than any gadget and books.