Поставь прилагательные в скобках вПоставь прилагательные в скобках в превосходную степень.
1.That is (old)chair of all
2. This room is (big) in our flat.
3. Betty if (friendly) girl in our class
4. Charles's dictation is (good) in the class
5. That is (comfortable) train in the world
6. This car is (expensive) in the shop
7. Greg is (tall) boy in our school
8. Brother John is (young) in our family
9. Mount Everest is (high) mountain in the world
10. Whales are (big) animals in the world
11. My sister is (kind) girl I know
12. She is (good) student in class
13. This shop is (expensive) in our city
14. Summer is (warm) season of the year
15. This hotel is (comfortable) in this area


Ответы и объяснения

1)the oldest
2)the biggest
3)most friendly
4)the best
5)most comfortable
6)most expensive
7)the tallest
8)the yongest
9)the highest
10)the biggest
11)the kindest
12)the best
13)most expensive
14)the warmest
15)most comfortable