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Alexander Pushkin was born in Moscow . He grew up with an older sister and younger brother Olga Levushka . Mother, Nadezhda Osipovna Hannibal , had the grand daughter Negro of Peter I, later Russian general Hannibal. Father, Sergei L. , poor landowner knew literature, was acquainted with many Russian writers and wrote himself a bit ... In the Pushkin family all interested in literature , poetry, even the children tried to write poems ." Pushkin lived cheerfully and openly , and the whole house was in charge of old Hannibal , very smart , efficient and sensible woman - later recalled one friend Pushkin .- Senior her grandson , Alexander , was a big goof and savage Kinky boy of nine or ten years old , with a dark face, I will not say to priglyadnym but with very lively eyes , from which sparks and fell ... "Maria A. Hannibal loved smart precocious grandson. The boy was also fondly attached to her grandmother , she learned to read and write Russian , and when he grew up , the eagerly listened to her stories about the Russian past , of Peter I, about his great-grandfather Hannibal .Care Pushkin went nurse Arina - serf . She knew a lot of Russian folk songs, tales and was wonderful storyteller .Pushkin loved since childhood folk tales , songs, proverbs : all his life he collected, recorded , studied them .Already renowned poet , he had lived for two years in his father's estate Pskov - village of St. Michael . Long winter evenings he spent with his old nanny Arina Rodionovna and as a child , listening to tales with passion and jokes ." What a darling these tales ! Each has a poem "- Pushkin wrote to his brother. "What a luxury, what is the point , what's the point in each of our saying ! As for the gold ! "- So said Pushkin writer Vladimir Ivanovich Dal , a great connoisseur of folk poetry .Life of the native people , nurse's tales , stories grandmother - all deeply sunk into the memory and soul of the great Russian poet and became a source of their own creativity.