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1.Ther are do many holidaymakers here.

2.Your face is so attractive

4.I have never met such a strong man

5. I have never been so excited

6.Our two countries are connected

7.We can see beatiful scenery here

8.I will never forget this trip

9. I can see you also admire this place

10. I like our gonery.

Вам в прошедшее время? Или в настоящее?
В прошедшее

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1.He said there were many holidaymakers there. 2. He said that my face was very attractive  4. He said that he had never met such a strong man 5.He said that  he had never been so excited 6. He said that our two countries were connected  7. He said that we were able to see beatiful scenery there 8. He said that he would never forget that trip 9.He said that he could see me also admire that place 10. He sais that he liked our gonery. 
Везде использовала he, т.к. там не указан говорящий. Надеюсь, что все верно, и я помогла)