Представь,что Тайни будет учиться в твоём классе в следующем учебном году.
Посоветуй,как он должен вести себя на уроках.
You must sit at the desk,...in the lesson.
You mustn"t talk with your friends,...

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Ответы и объяснения

You must not bully people, because it is not good. 
You must not permit to you to truant school. . 
You must not drink an alcohol at school 
You must not detain on the lessons
You must read the books 
You must respect your teachers 
You must hear at the lessons

You must do all the exercises in this lesson  
You  mustn't be late at the lesson.
You must put up your hand to speak.
You mustn’t fight at school.
You mustn’t shout in the classroom.
You mustn’t eat in the classroom.
You must ask the questions at the lesson.